Top Texting & Calling App for Android – Dispatch

Organize calls and texts like
emails in a single app.

Organize calls and texts like emails in a single app.

Know when calls are work or personal.

Work and personal calls are clearly labeled and spam calls are automatically detected so you always know how to answer.

Unified app for calls and texts

Dispatch upgrades your phone, text messenger, and caller ID so it’s easy to categorize conversations, filter communication, and get more done.

Additional Features

Everything you’d expect from your calling and text messaging app, and then some.

Calling & Texting

Talk & text, call history, group chat, conference calls, and more—all in one app.

Separate Ringtones

Hear the difference so you can prioritize work and personal calls from your pocket.


Never miss an opportunity. Automatically, send a text anytime you miss a call. Coming soon.

Spam & Caller ID

Identify unknown callers, know when calls are for work or personal, and avoid spam.

Dark Mode

Communicate comfortably in low-light situations with dark mode support.

Inbox Search

Easily find the topics, keywords, messages, or contacts you’re looking for. Coming soon.

Upgrade Your Android for Free

Get Dispatch exclusively on Google Play.